Fun Spot Buys Land to Expand to Triple Its Size

By Sara K. Clarke, Orlando Sentinel
Orlando, FL (December 30, 2010) - Fun Spot (Attractions) said Thursday it plans to triple the size of its amusement park on North International Drive, as the company faces the potential of a rival park across the street.  The Orlando amusement company said it has purchased 10 acres behind the existing Fun Spot Action Park, bordering the park, Grand National Boulevard and Touchstone Lane.  Expansion plans could include adding more rides, go-kart tracks and other attractions, the company said, and could generate an additional 200 jobs.
John Arie, Jr., the COO known for saying "It's Huge" in the television commercials, added, "Everyone is talking about job creation, well we are doing it.  We presently have 200 plus employees.  With this expansion we hope to add another 200.  For us, this expansion is huge!"
By Aaron Clausen - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,