Welcome to the International Drive Instagram Tour! Check out the 26 Most Instagrammable Spots on I-Drive! This is a free guide to the best spots for photos on International Drive. Start at North I-Drive with Fun Spot Orlando, and make your way down the drive all the way to Pointe Orlando. For a convenient way to get around, check out the area’s exclusive trolley service, I-RIDE Trolley. Tag @myidriveorlando in your photos for a chance to be featured on the Official International Drive social media platforms!

1. Fun Spot Orlando 

5700 Fun Spot Way
I-Ride Trolley Stop: 
Looking for the classic amusement park shot? With free park admission, Fun Spot is the perfect place to capture a great photo. Use the colorful rides and coasters as your backdrop, or use one of Fun Spots dedicated photo-op areas. They change them throughout the year! Pro Tip: Hashtag #FindYourFun to share your memories at Fun Spot.

2. Dezerland Park Orlando

5250 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Florida’s Largest Indoor Attraction has great Instagrammable spots! Grab some shots with the fun and unique cars that lead up to the entrance or use the colorful building and beautiful Florida palm trees to get that perfect photo. Pro Tip: The sunlight at 11am offers great lighting for your photos.

3. Hash House A Go Go

5350 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Hash House A Go Go…Famous home of Twisted Farm Food. This is one of the spots on I-Drive where the food steals the shot. Take pictures with outrageous crafted hot beverages and fruity drinks, beautifully designed skillet hashes and farm favorites like Andy’s World Famous Sage Friend Chicken & Waffles. If you’re not too full after your meal, make sure to grab a photo on the iconic 1949 Ferguson Tractor at the front of the restaurant! Pro Tip: Come with an empty stomach!

4. Universal’s Endless Summer Resort

7125 Universal Blvd
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
If you’re walking down I-Drive near Universal Blvd, make sure to grab a photo with some of the vibrant and sunny artwork along the outside of Universal’s Endless Summer Resort! Both Surfside Inn and Suites and Dockside Inn and Suites offer backdrops inspired by sand, sea and breathtaking sunsets. Pro Tip: Stop inside the lobby for more picturesque set ups!

5. The World’s Largest McDonalds

6875 Sand Lake Road
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
If you didn’t know, International Drive is home to the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s & PlayPlace. In our opinion, it is also the most photogenic McDonald’s in the world! With two-stories, and almost 19,000 SF, there are plenty of places to find the perfect Instagram photo. We especially loved the LED lighting and the artwork paying homage to Orlando. Pro Tip: The Happy Meal box photographs really well!

6. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

8005 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
If you’re looking for a Napa-Style feel to your photos without leaving Orlando, Coopers Hawk Winery on International Drive offers the perfect scene. It is also the first and only winery in the I-Drive Resort Area! The Tasting Room offers an elegant landscape of wine racks, wine barrels and wine glasses. We also loved the outside of the restaurant for a nice daytime shot! Pro Tip: Order a wine flight for a variety of poses and photos, and of course a good time!

7. Chuy’s Restaurant

8123 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
The courtyard of Chuy’s Restaurant is one of our favorite hidden photo spots on I-Drive. With luscious green palm trees, rustic red brick building and colorful string lights this spot offers a great intimate photo op! Pro Tip: This spot is on the parking lot side of the building right underneath the Chuy’s archway. Come in close to make this photo work!

8. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

8201 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is one of the wackiest buildings on I-Drive, so naturally it is one of our favorite Instagrammable spots. While we just stopped to get a photo from the outside, you can bet there are a ton of photo-worthy moments inside this attraction! Pro Tip: A lower angle or a wide angle lens will help you capture this sideways building!

9. King’s Dining and Entertainment

8255 International Drive, Suite 120
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
King’s Dining and Entertainment is an excellent attraction on I-Drive for dining, billiards, foosball, bowling and more. We happened to notice how photogenic the outside sign was! With just the right angle and sunlight you can capture the bright colors of the sign and the reflective glittering background. Pro Tip: Be careful in the parking lot getting this shot!

10. Orlando Starflyer

8265 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
International Drive is home to the World’s Tallest Stand-Alone Swinging Ride. At a whopping 450-feet tall, you can imagine the StarFlyer is a sight of its own. While you are not allowed to bring your phone on the ride with you, we found the StarFlyer makes an excellent background for very cute selfies. Pro Tip: The further you are away from the StarFlyer, the easier it is to capture it in the photo. A low angle works great as well.

11. The Wheel at ICON Park

8375 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
It’s no surprise that The Wheel at ICON Park has become a symbol of International Drive. Standing at 400 feet tall, The Wheel and its stunning lights can be seen from most anywhere on I-Drive and even Orlando! There are multiple locations throughout ICON Park that offer a pretty view of The Wheel, and the best photos can be taken day or night, rain or shine! Pro Tip: The top of the ICON Park garage at sunset offers some of the most stunning photos of The Wheel.

12. Yard House

8367 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Yard House…where beer and food lovers unite. In our opinion, its also where beer and Instagram lovers unite. Located inside ICON Park, Yard House is famous for its World’s Largest Selection of Draft Beers. They also have the extremely photo-worthy option of getting you beer in a half yard glass! Pro Tip: Go at Happy Hour, Monday-Friday, 3pm-6pm to get $4 off Half Yards.

13. Gordon Ramsey Fish and Chips

8391 International Drive, Suite C-1
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
World Famous Chef, Gordon Ramsey has brought the Ultimate Fish & Chips to ICON Park. The classic British style Fish & Chips is reflected in the design of this restaurant, and we found the red telephone booth doors to be a great spot for a charming photo with this yummy meal. Pro Tip: If you’re enjoying some food at Gordon Ramsey Fish and Chips, we suggest upgrading your chips to dirty chips!

14. Sugar Factory

8371 International Drive, Suite 70
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Sugar Factory at ICON Park is a celebrity favorite, no doubt, for their extravagant and Instagrammable drinks and desserts. We decided to let the sweet treats be the center of our photos and they did not disappoint. The restaurant itself is also designed for some great photos. With beautiful chandeliers, LED lights and flower walls, you will be sure to take a ton of great photos. Pro Tip: Make a reservation in advanced for Sugar Factory, they are a very popular birthday and celebration spot!

15. Tin Roof

8271 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
For great live music, cute photo ops, and delicious ‘better than bar food’, Tin Roof at ICON Park is the spot. The design of the restaurant/bar is so eclectic and fun, you are sure to find the best background for your photo. We really enjoyed getting photos in front of the large marquee signs around the restaurant. They show up beautifully no matter how dark the lighting is! Pro Tip: Check out the Tin Roof Orlando calendar to see when the live music is scheduled!

16. Ole Red

8417 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Another great stop for music and photos at ICON Park is Ole Red. This venue is known for giving its guests THE full country experience. They’ve got the music, the drinks, the food and most importantly some great photo spots. While Ole Red might be dimly lit for the intimate concert venue vibe, it showcases a lot of LED signs and lighting that are very photo friendly, and of course, you’ll need a picture with the Ole Red Dog! Pro Tip: Check out the lineup of top country talent, served hot all day on Ole Red’s website!

17. Café Tu Tu Tango

8625 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Café Tu Tu Tango brings food, art and fun to International Drive. Their menu includes photo-worthy craft cocktails and tapas-style plates. With artists painting real-time in the restaurant, other beautiful local art on the walls, and gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, there are plenty of opportunities for an Instagram photo! Pro Tip: The chandeliers offer great background lighting for the dimly lit restaurant.

18. Senor Frog’s

8747 International Drive, Suite 103
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Senor Frogs, a staple for the perfect mix of fun and flavor, offers fun scenery for Instagram photos. Grab a fruity drink and pose with Senor Frog himself! Pro Tip: Two for One Yard Drinks are available every day!


8967 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
ICEBAR Orlando is the largest permanent ICEBAR in the World! They have over 70 tons of hand-carved ice for guests to take photos with. Grab an ice glass drink, and pose with the beautiful sculptures inside the ICEBAR. Pro Tip: Upgrade your admission to receive a fur coat!

20. WonderWorks

9067 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
International Drive is home to the one and only, 35,000 SF upside down house. WonderWorks amusement park is an iconic photo op for any Instagrammer! Pro Tip: A lower angle or a wide angle lens will help capture you and this upside down building.

21. Taverna Opa

9101 International Drive, Suite 2240
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Taverna Opa in Pointe Orlando is Orlando’s Best Greek Restaurant. While we came to grab some delicious hummus and saganaki, we were pleased to find a beautiful flower wall that is perfect for an Instagram shot. There is also a giant tree with lovely pink flowers and string lights right in the middle of the restaurant! Pro Tip: Dine in and grab a photo of the traditional nightly entertainment and napkin throwing!

22. Blue Martini Lounge

9101 International Drive, Suite 1182
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Dance the night away and enjoy craft cocktails and specialty martinis at Blue Martini in Pointe Orlando. The fun blue lights and elegant martini glasses make for a Instagrammable photo-op! Pro Tip: Camera flash is your friend in Blue Martini!

23. The Hampton Social

9101 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
The Hampton Social at Pointe Orlando has quickly become an Instagrammer’s paradise. With LED Lights, flower walls and a modern nautical theme, there are so many great pictures to take! Pro Tip: The pretty pink Rosé and handcrafted cocktails make an excellent prop for photos!

24. Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar

9101 International Drive
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
Cuba Libre at Pointe Orlando by far has the most extravagant setting of any restaurant on I-Drive. With the design focused on tropical ambiance, vintage décor and Cuban heritage, you will have a hard time not finding a spot for an Instagrammable photo. Pro Tip: Dine in and get free entry into the night club, Cuba Libre Nights after 10pm!

25. The Pub Orlando

9101 International Drive, Suite 1003
I-Ride Trolley Stop:
There is no passport required to check out the British hospitality over at The Pub in Pointe Orlando. We truly appreciated the ornate structure of the building and the design inside that really make you feel as though you are across the pond in London! Pro Tip: Check out inside, for the classic British Pub look and grab some great photos.

26. I-Ride Trolley

Catch a photo with the International Drive mascot, the I-Ride Trolley. Check the website for where and how to hop on board! Pro Tip: The I-Ride Trolley is always smiling!