I-Drive 2040 Strategic Vision

International Drive and the Convention Plaza District are known as a world destination. Its continuing success depends on establishing and implementing a comprehensive vision for this area.
Recognizing its importance, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs invited area stakeholders and land owners to participate with the County in developing a shared vision for the area.These stakeholders, referred to as the Steering Review Group, began meeting monthly in January of 2015. Their mission is to formulate a cohesive vision and plan for the I-Drive District along with implementation strategies and tools for consideration by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners.
The study area extends for more than 2 miles between Sand Lake Road and the Beachline.The economic well-being of the region relies heavily on the strength of the tourism industry as it represents the area’s largest employment sector and provides crucial tax revenue to local governments.
Agreeing that the I-Drive Study area noted above is too large and diverse for reliance upon the conventional “one size fits all” approach to regulating development, the Steering Review Group established seven sub districts, each with its own distinctive personality and elements.These seven sub districts are:Convention Center, Retail & Hospitality, Entertainment, SeaWorld, Destination Parkway, Universal Blvd. and Rosen / Shingle Creek.
The Steering Review Group has focused on four major areas as they relate to each of the sub-districts above.They are: Land Development, Regulatory components, Parking and Mobility.
The Steering Review Group also developed five goals for the overall vision that are focused on connectivity, diversity of uses (completeness), community identity & authenticity, infill & redevelopment opportunities and sustainability. Included in the I-Drive 2040 Strategic plan these goals serve to guide the future investment, regulations and partnership strategies used to accomplish the full vision for the area.
For more information on the plan and its process, please contact Mr. Alberto Vargas, Planning Manager with Orange County at alberto.vargas@ocfl.net