SeaWorld Orlando Announces Major Expansion for 2012 and 2013

SeaWorld Orlando announces the largest attraction expansion in its history – and news of not one, not two, but three exciting new attractions coming to SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove over the next two years.
SeaWorld designers revealed new experiences to open in 2012 at SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove, and released a few details of a massive expansion set to debut at SeaWorld in 2013.
TurtleTrek at SeaWorld Orlando and Freshwater Oasis at Discovery Cove will provide all new reasons to visit Orlando in 2012.

TurtleTrek, opening at SeaWorld Orlando in spring 2012, stays true in design to SeaWorld’s unique blend of nose-to-nose animal encounters and state-of-the art entertainment.

First, you’ll visit two massive naturalistic habitats, one filled with hundreds of freshwater fish and gentle manatees, the other home to more than 1,500 saltwater fish and more than a dozen sea turtles. Many of the manatees and sea turtles were rescued by the park’s animal team. Moving on from the habitat, you enter a domed theater, where coming to life is a first-of-its-kind 3-D/360-degree dome theater film that is completely immersive.
The dome allows a hyper-realistic 3-D movie to be shown all around – not just in front or on only one screen. It’s this unique and immersive way of showcasing a sea turtle’s epic and astounding journey that is the heart of TurtleTrek. And for the first time, you, the guest, are given a turtle’s eye view of the ocean’s wonders.

An attraction that is as inspirational as it is astounding, a call-to-action presents itself at the end of the TurtleTrek experience, calling on you and all SeaWorld fans to join SeaWorld in conserving the world we share. TurtleTrek is about the everyday heroes who can make a difference in nature.

Freshwater Oasis, opening at Discovery Cove in spring 2012 is, an all-new attraction featuring swimming and wading adventures with face-to-face encounters with playful otters and curious marmosets.
Discovery Cove, right across the street from SeaWorld Orlando, isa limited-admission, all-inclusive tropical day resort where you swim with dolphins, hand-feed tropical birds in a free-flight aviary, snorkel among thousands of colorful fish and rays and relax on pristine beaches. When you participate with nature at Discovery Cove, you unlock discoveries that can be life-changing.
Freshwater Oasis is an all-new opportunity to wade up-close with wildlife in a relaxing tropical setting. It’s an exhilarating tropical exhale. Designed with a rainforest canopy above and sparkling-clear springs below, Freshwater Oasis is a natural fit within Discovery Cove’s tropical vibe.
Wade past rocks and trees to encounter the thriving, lush habitat of the Asian small-clawed otter. Experience the lively energy of the otter in an up-close-and-personal way, without ever having to leave the refreshing water.

Swim through waist-deep water to the center of Freshwater Oasis, or view from a scenic pathway, an island abundant with life. There will be no glass separating you from the marmoset monkeys that call the idyllic island home. Experience a whole new world, right in front of your eyes.
No matter where guests turn, they’ll find endless discoveries. Freshwater Oasis is included with admission to Discovery Cove, an all-inclusive tropical getaway and the only place to experience the most exciting animal encounters the world has to offer.

Antarctica - Empire of the Penguin will beSeaWorld Orlando’s biggest-ever attraction expansion, opening spring 2013.
Through the years, SeaWorld Orlando has taken you to far-flung corners of the globe, immersing you in exotic places and introducing them to unique worlds of adventure. But no journey is bigger -- or as incredible -- as the one to come in 2013. It’s a voyage to the bottom-of-the-world, to the coldest and windiest continent, to a place of ice more than 9,000 feet thick. It’s a journey to Antarctica and to the empire of the penguin.
You’ll be surrounded by the sights, sounds and awesome encounters found in this frozen place, embarking on a one-of-a-kind ride and an incredible family adventure. You’ll experience the mystery and wonder of life on the ice through the eyes of a penguin, sensing the beauty and drama of their sometimes-dangerous habitat. Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin combines closer-than-ever animal connections with state-of-the-art interactive ride technologies for adventures that are different each time. And, it’s safe to say Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin will be the coldest theme park attraction in the world!
A year-and-a-half from opening at SeaWorld Orlando, details are few. For now, SeaWorld Orlando’s Antarctica will stay as mysterious as its namesake continent.
“Only SeaWorld and its parks can take you on these journeys or bring these experiences to life,” said Orlando Parks President, Terry Prather. “We’re excited about what the future holds for our parks and for our fans.”
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