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Dying to Laugh

Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant
9101 International Drive
Suite 2310
Orlando, FL  32819
$35- $75
21 & Over | Special Engagement
Trolley Stop
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The Orlando Improv and Queer Qomedy Queens Presents: "Dying to Laugh" A Comedy Show Benefiting Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation December 3rd at 4:00 PM. "Dying to Laugh" is Jeanette Bokland’s dream of finding humor in her life’s toughest moments. This show aims to support her mission while raising funds for Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation. A talented lineup of comedians will make you laugh but also touch your hearts with their unique styles:
Jeanette Bokland: Jeanette brings fresh perspectives and a personal story that is both poignant and humorous. Her journey with cancer is a testament to the power of laughter in normalizing life's challenges.
Poppy Champlin: Has performed on Showtime, HBO and comedy stages throughout the world. Poppy was recently inducted into the Rhode Island Comedy Hall of Fame. With a knack for making audiences laugh until they cry, Poppy is a seasoned comedian who weaves music into her routines creating an unforgettable comedic experience.
Bear Webb: Known for her bold and edgy lesbian comedy, will have you in stitches with her razor-sharp humor. Her distinctive style will make audience members more in touch with their butch side while reconsidering their fashion choices.
Rachel Covello: Not only is Rachel an event host and comedic emcee, but she also spreads positivity and creates collaborative connections through her LGBTQ+ travel blog, She has a unique ability to share authentic experiences and perspectives while pointing out the ironies of life and love. Let's come together as a community to laugh, support and make a positive impact.