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Orlando Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre
9101 International Drive
Suite 2310
Orlando, FL  32819
Fri (2/21): 8pm & 10:30pm | Sat (2/22): 7pm & 9:45pm | Sun (2/23) 7pm
$25 | 21 & over
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If the key to success in Hollywood is longevity and all the Hollywood players get their ever so anticipated 15 minutes of fame, then Comedian Earthquake has to have somehow lucked up on an hour. Not only does he have the staying power, his evolution seems to make him funnier, more relevant, and in higher demand with every Twitter entry, Facebook status and stand-up performance he makes. He's as hot as he's always been and his fans are simmering and waiting for him to blow."When this guy finally gets his break, I don't want to be around to see it!" exclaims Comedian DL Hughley when referencing Comedian Earthquake's highly anticipated career bang. One wonders if the bang is even necessary. His presence on the comedy circuit has propelled him to be one of the most beloved and adored comedians of all time... many of whom liken him to the gone-too-soon-and-never-forgotten, Robin Harris.
''Quake''s'' story is unique however. The former enlisted sergeant for the U.S. Air Force and father of three, never had a plan prior to this. In fact, this may not have even been a plan in the first place. A chance performance at a local talent show on base tipped the hat on what would become one of the most successful runs in stand-up comedy in past decades. ''I had no epiphany of one day following in [Richard] Pryor''s or anyone else's footsteps. I just found my comfort zone at being me, and this is the result,'' explained Earthquake. And what a result it has been. After becoming a formidable talent of the mid-90's explosion of televised urban comedy programming in the form of BET's ComicView and HBO's Def Comedy Jam, Quake set up shop in New Aged Black Hollywood known as Atlanta and held down the host spot as proprietor of Uptown Comedy Corner. This infamous stage launched his as well as other''s national star status playing sold out rooms and making the most of the would-be historical moment of urban comedy''s peak in mainstream media.
Washington D.C''s Comedian Earthquake born Nathaniel Stroman began to awaken a diverse audience aside from his coveted comedy circuit audiences with a string of unforgettable media appearances and televised performances. Quake would secure a spot in 2002 on Comedy Central''s Premium Blend as well as a guest appearance on Mad TV. In 2003 his audience would see him set precedence as the first comic to command a standing ovation on the critically acclaimed, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. He also shot Comedy Central Presents: EARTHQUAKE! in this same year and in February 2005 he starred in Jamie Foxx's Comedy Central special Laffapalooza! hailing Earthquake as an all-time favorite. Quake would join HBO and sign on to develop and shoot the coveted half hour comedy series special One Night Stand in August 2005 for which he would receive rave reviews. He''d seemingly be in a love affair with Comedy Central as he would make two memorable appearances on Comedy Central''s Weekend at D.L.''s which would instantly enhance Quake''s visibility on the late night talk show circuit.