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Justin Silva

IMPROV Comedy Theater & Restaurant
9101 International Drive
Suite 2310
Orlando, FL  32819
$32- $62
21 & Over | Special Engagement
Trolley Stop
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Justin Silva was born and raised in New Haven CT. He started doing comedy at age 21. Prior to comedy, he was an electrician full-time, and a server at chili’s part-time. The workforce was not working out for him. After his first comedy show, he learned where he belongs. Justin fell in love with being on the stage and making people laugh. A year and a half later, he quit his jobs. Justin got on stage as much as he could. Attending open mics. Performing for free at comedy shows and accepting hosting gigs for very little to no money. In efforts to share his comedy with the world, He began making content and posting on social media.
Buzz, traffic, and popularity all grew up and blew up. His fiancé Ashley Cotto and he then decided it was time to leave Connecticut, and take the leap of faith to move to Orlando. Justin continued to grind and work hard every day to become a bigger act. He has partnered up with Asad Hardwick “Supa” and produced his own touring special “A Night Of Comedy”. He wants to create people’s favorite space to laugh.
He believes what you put in this game is what you get out of it. Justin will continue to put in all that he can, with great faith that he gets everything he can out of it. Creating content, performing three quarters of the year and being a producer while providing for five children, and keeping the faith in making a living; his 5 children are his main inspiration and drive him every day to conquer his dreams.