The Scoop on I-Drive Ice Cream Spots

Thursday, August 2, 2018
Summer is in full swing, and during the hot months of August, the best way to cool off is with a sweet frozen treat! Ice Cream is a beloved snack that is not only refreshing but satisfies a sweet craving at the same time! If you’re on International Drive during the heat of August, check out one of our favorite ice cream parlors for a scoop that will surely leave you smiling!
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Discover Delicious Options
Cold Stone Creamery features over 21 signatures creations like the Founder’s Favorite, Birthday Cake Remix, Oreo Overload, Strawberry Blonde, Cookie Mintster, and Berry Me in Batter to name a few! Each crafted to be a unique work of art, from the fresh ice cream made in house, and all the mix ins chopped and folded together using two spades on a frozen granite stone – Cold Stone Creamery is essentially an ice cream lover’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for immediate gratification, want to grab some to enjoy while on the go, or want to pick up a prepacked container of ice cream (or two) to indulge in later, Cold Stone Creamery has you covered.
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Ginther’s Swirls Ice Cream
A family owned business, Ginther’s Swirls Ice Cream has been serving up good old fashion ice cream to locals and visitors on International Drive since 2014. They understand the importance of high quality ingredients and use only real milk and cream to make their ice cream. Next time you’re looking for a hand-scooped bowl or cone of ice cream, stop by to try one of their popular tasty flavors: Butter Pecan, Cookies N Cream, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, Coffee Chip, Rocky Road, Salty Caramel Peanut, and Superman. Best known for their sugar and fat free offerings, Ginther’s has perfected their recipes so that you can indulge in your favorite sweet treat with out having to think about the calories. With a menu consisting of milk shakes, malts, twirls, sundaes, splits, smoothies, floats, and chillers; you’ll find exactly what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth at Ginther’s!
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Pit Stop
Looking to make a quick pit stop on your way home from a long day on International Drive? Dairy Queen is the quick and tasty fix. With everything on their menu from classic vanilla and chocolate soft serve, to frozen novelty treats, sundaes, and of course their beloved blizzards! Try one of their signature creations, like the Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard, or Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard, a candy classic like the Butterfinger Blizzard and Oreo Cookie Blizzard, or even switch it up with a limited time summer blizzard, like the Summer Berry Cheesecake Blizzard or S’mores Blizzard! There’s a reason Dairy Queen is referred to as, “Fan Food,” rather than fast food; come on out and see why for yourself.
The perfect way to top off a day of fun on International Drive is with a refreshing, sweet treat! Next time you’re here, be sure to take a moment to indulge in some of the sweeter things in life at one of these top ice cream stops!