Catch a Thrill on I-Drive

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Thrill-seekers from near and far flock to I-Drive each year chasing the best thrills that Orlando has to offer! Whether you’re an extreme thrill seeker, looking for a quick adrenaline rush or you’re hoping to face your fears with new and exciting experiences, there’s no doubt that International Drive is the place to be!
Next time you’re on I-Drive and want to get your adrenaline pumping, add a stop to these top attractions to your I-Drive itinerary!

Andretti Orlando - Need For Speed

Satisfy your need for speed with a race in a high-speed go-kart at Andretti Orlando! This state-of-the-art facility features an indoor track designed specifically with tight turns and long straightaways to bring guests an exhilarating racing experience every time! Hop into your very own Biz Kart Ecovolt GT, the best model of electric karts in the industry, and enjoy instant acceleration, reaching speeds of 50 mph as you put the petal to the metal around hairpin turns, up and down elevations changes, and speed right to the victory lane against your friends and family members! Have younger members in your group? Andretti also offers Mini Mario karts for drivers that are four to seven years old.
After your race, head to their bowling alley or arcade and order a delicious bite from their full restaurant and bar to fuel your fun! A stop at Andretti will have your whole group racing into a good time on I-Drive together at high speeds! 
Headed to Andretti during your next trip? Check out our deals page to enjoy a free $20 free gameplay when you purchase a $20 gameplay card, get the details here.

Dezerland Park - A Little Bit of Everything

Looking for some fun to get the heart-pumping, but not sure what kind of thrill you’re in the mood for? Dezerland Park is Orlando’s Largest Indoor Attraction, boasting 800,000 square feet of fun, making it the perfect stop if you’re looking for options!
With over 16 different attractions to choose from, over 10 dining options, and bars throughout - there’s no telling where a day spent at Dezerland Park will take you. If you’re looking to indulge in an adrenaline rush, some popular activities you’ll find here include: Go Karting, Laser Tag Maze, Jumpstart Trampoline Park, Bumper Cars, Axecelsior Axe Throwing,  and a rage room, Smash N Dash! If you’re looking for a fun-filled, action-packed day where the possibilities are endless, Dezerland Park is it.

Orlando Starflyer: World’s Tallest

Whether you’re looking for a thrill, want to soar over I-Drive for the best views of the area, or just want bragging rights - the Orlando Starflyer delivers on all levels. The Starflyer is the World’s Tallest Swing Ride, towering over International Drive at 450 feet high! Despite it being a bit intimidating, this ride is safe and fun for the whole family and gives an excellent adrenaline rush to the not-so-adventurous as well as true adventure-seekers. Need some liquid courage? Head over to the StarBar for a drink before your ride as you prepare yourself for this thrilling Orlando experience.
Choose your seat, strap in, and get ready to move up and down as you rotate around this giant tower at speeds of up to 45 mph. Not only does this attraction provide a thrill, but you’ll also have the chance to see Orlando’s Most Dynamic Neighborhood like never before.

Helicopter Tours - Take to the Sky

Did you know that you can enjoy a helicopter tour of the area right here on I-Drive? International HeliTours’ helicopter flights are a favorite with Florida’s tourists, families, and their visiting friends! Committed to providing quality service, safety, and value for your money, you can catch a scenic flight for as little as $65, making this an accessible and affordable way to tour the I-Drive District and the surrounding Orlando area in a whole new way! Whether you’re flying over your favorite Orlando theme parks, catching a birds-eye view of the Butler Chain of Lakes, or flying over homes of Florida’s most famous residents, it’s sure to be an experience to remember!
Is there a sight you already have in mind that you’d like to see from a helicopter window? AirForce Helicopter Tours is another helicopter tour service on I-Drive. Offering 6 different tours to choose from, whatever sight you're hoping to see and whatever budget you have, you’re sure to find the perfect tour option!

iFly: Skydiving, without the parachute

Ever wonder what it feels like to be free falling? iFly is a family-favorite attraction, and offers an experience that is both exhilarating and safe for all ages (3 & up) and skill levels.
The iFLY experience is so similar to real skydiving that professional skydivers use the wind tunnel for training. But, don’t worry. During your visit, you’ll have the chance to work with world-class instructors who are elite athletes with a passion for flying to help you get the hang of it. Have a member in your group who isn’t feeling like taking flight? Don’t worry, there is a free observation deck where they can watch other flyers, and this can be just as fun! Next time you’re on I-Drive looking for an adrenaline rush, gear up and take to the wind tunnel at iFly to experience free falling without a parachute, plane, or skydiving experience needed!

Roller Coasters

Fun Spot America - A Family Favorite

Spend a day under the Florida sun exploring all of the attractions that call Fun Spot America home for a nostalgic family vacation experience that can’t be missed during your visit to Orlando!
One thing is for sure, there’s fun waiting for everyone at Fun Spot America. But, if you’re hoping to catch a thrill or two, you’ll find more than a few options here! Whether you’re hopping aboard one of their popular attractions like their multi-level go kart tracks, or you’ve got your heart set on a good old-fashioned roller coaster thrill on fan-favorite coasters White Lightning or Freedom Flyer, you’re sure to find the perfect thrill for the occasion at Fun Spot America.
Here you’ll also find a variety of different thrill rides, like the Rip Curl, Liberty Swing, HeadRush 360, the Hot Seat, and for the ultimate thrill, take a ride on the second tallest Skycoaster in the world that reaches 250 feet tall and hits speeds of 80 mph; however you spend your day at Fun Spot America, there’s always a thrill just around the corner. Plus, Fun Spot America was named “Best Budget Attraction” by the Orlando Sentinel, making it the perfect spot to find a thrill without breaking the bank!

SeaWorld Orlando - The Coaster Capital of Orlando

If you know Orlando, you know SeaWorld. SeaWorld Orlando boasts some of I-Drive guests' favorite thrill rides, including high-thrill roller coasters like Kraken, Mako, Manta, and the new Ice-Breaker.
There’s always something new happening at SeaWorld, and if you’re an avid thrill-seeker visiting the Orlando area in 2023, keep your eyes peeled for the all-new Pipeline: The Surf Coaster set to open this spring.
Get ready to feel the power of the ocean in a whole new way on this first-of-its-kind surf coaster! If it’s a rush you’re looking for, you’re sure to get it as you launch 110 feet up, and thanks to innovative dynamic seats that give riders unparalleled freedom of movement, you’ll really feel like you’re riding the waves with each bank and curve.
Learn more about this new coaster, the seventh coaster to be added to the Coaster Capital of Orlando and get ready for an unmatched thrilling experience!
Adventurers and thrill seekers near and far travel to International Drive looking to catch a thrill, and with exciting experiences and attractions at every turn, it’s no surprise! No matter what your idea of a thrill is, International Drive has something for everyone. Browse a full list of attractions on I-Drive and find the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for during your next trip!