Employee Team Building at My Beer Spa

Monday, April 11, 2022
If you’re looking for a fun, unique treat to reward your employees for all their hard work, and encourage team building, look no further than the Original Beer Spa located on International Drive.
After the past few crazy and abnormal years we have certainly all experienced, no matter what field of work you’re in, we can all agree it’s time to celebrate our hard working and dedicated employees. What better way to do that then by sending them to a spa to relax and rejuvenate?
Luckily for us, My Beer Spa is located right in our backyard at 11787 International Drive. Suite 106, Orlando Florida. We were so excited to host our team outing for myself and two coworkers, on our off day, for the Beer Treatment Spa Room – 3 Adults / Two Tubs.
The location itself was a quick trip down the Drive, and we easily found the location with ample parking. We were greeted by our lovely host and hostess in the beautifully decorated lobby. There were fun gifts and souvenirs for purchase including, hats, towels, glassware and more. Additionally, the atmosphere of leisure was set by walls adorned with greenery and fun sayings about relaxation and beer.
After an easy check-in process, we were directed to change into our bathing suits and given a comfortable Beer Spa robe to put on. Lockers were available for our clothing and other items. The environment immediately felt safe and clean and all staff was wearing masks.
Now begins the fun! We quickly realized that the My Beer Spa experience was more than just soaking in a tub of beer. Our hostess, led us through a beer and wine tasting where we tried samples of a locally made prosecco and red wine, as well as samples of three beers from the local Orlando Ivanhoe Park Brewery. Each beer was a different style in terms of flavor body and hops. The tasting allowed us to decide which we would like to enjoy during our stay in the treatment room. The option to upgrade to the wine and prosecco package was also available. Our hostess also let us know that a pretzel platter would be included in the room for us, but we had the option to add on charcuterie cones as well…which we of course did!
Suited up in our robes and holding our giant beer steins, we were led to our private treatment room. There are only two treatment rooms in the whole facility which really added to the exclusive, VIP feel that my co-workers and I absolutely loved. They even had our names on the door to welcome us.
Our treatment room immediately gave off an ambiance of peace and relaxation. The lights were dimmed, an electric fireplace was going, and we were greeted to the sounds of bubbling baths and music from our own personal TV which we were allowed to switch to our own music/media of choice. Additionally, there was a private fully equipped bathroom for our use, so there was no need to leave our space.
The private treatment room had three main features: The bubbling hot tub filled with hops, barley and other anti-oxidants, the sauna and the hay bed. I also think it’s worth mentioning the self-service beer and wine taps. Our beer steins were able to be filled unlimited amounts of time for the duration of our stay from the taps in between the two tubs.
Our 60-minute timer started as soon as our hostess left us. Following her wonderful guidelines, we filled our steins and relaxed in the tubs for around 30-minutes, chatting about our work-life events and enjoying our time together outside of the work environment.
The next 15-minutes we turned the heat up in the beautiful glass door infrared sauna. We really used this time to decompress and listen to the music through out the room.
We finished off maximizing our relaxation time in the hay lounge where we sipped our cold beers and let the antioxidants from the spa rejuvenate our bodies and minds.
We left the Beer Spa feeling refreshed and connected. It was a wonderful co-worker bonding experience that brought us together outside of the office, and helped us clear and reset our minds for the upcoming week. We spend so much time with our coworkers at the office, and many times we are in high stress, hard working environments. It was really lovely to spend a day off laughing and letting go of some of those stressors. We definitely suggest My Beer Spa, as a small group team building event for any office.