Marine Life on International Drive

Thursday, October 11, 2018
The sunshine state is known for our beautiful beaches, and amazing marine life. Learning all about the beautiful marine life and the fascinating underwater world is something that everyone has the opportunity to do when they visit International Drive Orlando. And when it comes to hands on, up-close learning experiences, the many aquariums and museums dedicated to the study and appreciation of our marine life is sure to be an amazing experience!
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An Underwater Adventure
SEA LIFE Orlando is in the heart of The Wheel at Icon Park and is a must see if you're fascinated by the wonders that are under water! You’ll find over 5000 different species from the three oceans of the world. Home to Florida’s only 360-degree tunnel, you can explore everything under the ocean at SEA LIFE without even getting wet; from fish and sharks to turtles, eels and more – the discoveries are endless! Be sure to catch one of their unique dive shows where Scuba Steve aside other trained divers jump into the habitats and teach you all about underwater creatures. Swim over to the Indian Ocean exhibit where you’ll meet Ted – a very famous and loved rescue sea turtle who helped develop the Turtle Excluder Device! Gaze in at the mesmerizing colors of the Jelly Fish habitat, and even get behind the scenes to see all that it takes to run an aquarium.
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Wildlife Encounters
Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive day resort where you and your family will experience exciting animal encounters in a stunning tropical atmosphere! Where adventure, fun in the sun, and relaxation come together for an unforgettable experience, a day at Discovery Cove is unlike any other! Come nose-to-bottlenose with a dolphin as you wade through the beautiful waters, learn all about dolphin behavior and communication, and enjoy a thrilling ride back to shore on the dorsal fin of one of these spectacular animals! Hop into the tropical waters where you can snorkel among thousands of fish and rays, face your fears by coming eye to eye with sharks through a 10-foot-tall panoramic window, inspire your inner child when you encounter the playful otters, observe the curious marmosets, or put a palm out to hand-feed exotic birds! But of course, an inclusive resort experience just wouldn’t be complete without some white sandy beaches for your laying, and a scenic crystal-clear river where you can float on in pure bliss.
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Everything at SeaWorld revolves around the beauties of the ocean and the marine life that call it home; from thrilling coasters, to inspiring shows, and extraordinary animal experiences! Dine front row at the Shamu Station, explore Antarctica and meet five species of penguins, enjoy the manta aquarium, visit the manatee rehabilitation area, get up close and personal to sharks in the shark viewing tunnel, and meet many other sea animals at the numerous other exhibits. Come immerse yourself in the mysteries of the sea through up-close animal discoveries, gain a whole new appreciation for the breathtaking wildlife that call the ocean home, and make memories that will last a lifetime!
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Swim like a fish
SeaWorld’s Aquatica has been voted USA’s #1 waterpark. With rivers ranging from relaxing to racing, and double wave pools that shift from serene to extreme – there is a slide, pool, and experience for everyone in the family at Aquatica! The Ray Rush is a new family raft slide inspired by none other than the slick movements of a sting ray and will have everyone smiling from the first twist to the final turn! Take a load off your feet and hop on the lazy river ride down Loggerhead Lane and watch in amazement as you observe colorful exotic tropical fish in an underwater world. And of-course be sure to take a ride on the Dolphin Plunge, the most popular ride at Aquatica! This ride flawlessly combines waterslide thrills with the spectacle of nature! Twin slides that corkscrew together plunge you into total darkness before blasting you through a brilliant underwater world where you’ll see various beautiful black-and-white Commerson’s dolphins!
The ocean is full of fascinating creatures, and during your stay on International Drive, there are endless opportunities to come face to face with these beautiful animals, while learning all about life under the sea! Next time you’re on International Drive, be sure to stop by one of these destinations to gain a whole new appreciation and understanding of the ocean and the many animals that call it home!