5 Iconic Spots to Snap a Picture on I-Drive

Thursday, October 8, 2020
There are so many reasons why we love Orlando, and the endless photo ops is just one of them. We all know that nothing is worse than having such a spectacular time in Orlando that you totally forget to take any pictures, and since October is National Photographer Appreciation month, we’re showing a little extra appreciation for those who go the extra mile to capture the perfect moments, by featuring some of the top spots to snap a pic on I-Drive

1. An Orlando Giant

Everyone knows about The Wheel at ICON Park. Standing at 400 ft tall, this observation Wheel has become a notorious spot to snap a pic! The Wheel itself offers guests an 18 minute observation experience, letting its riders see over the City Beautiful like never before, with photo worthy views of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, a plethora of nature reserves and lakes, and on a clear day, even the Kennedy Space Center. But aside from offering its guests an unforgettable ride, it also lights up in various different colors throughout the year, for everything from holidays and gender reveals, to honorary colors for events that commemorate a variety of different causes throughout the year.
The Wheel calls one of Orlando’s favorite entertainment complexes, ICON Park, home, so during your visit, be sure to stop by and experience all that this complex has to offer, hop aboard, and when you return to the ground, snap a picture in front of the ICONic wheel to look back on for years to come.

2. It’s not really sinking, we swear.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not houses an extensive collection of weird and unusual relics and rare treasures, so it only makes sense that the building would be totally bizarre, right?
If you’re ready to brave the weirdest place in Orlando, lace up your shoes and head into the sinking building that draws the attention of so many. Upon entering, you’ll be oddly pleased by an amazing variety of exhibits, artifacts, and displays throughout 16 different galleries that pay tribute to the odd, bizarre, and unbelievable. But, before you go, don’t forget to snap a picture in front of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, so you can always look back on the moment that you learned that the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

3. A 360 degree view of the deep blue sea 

You can leave your waterproof phone case at home, because you can dive deep into the wonders of the ocean like never before, without ever having to get wet!
SeaLife Orlando Aquarium offers guests the chance to come face-to-fin with sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, jelly fish, and so many other magnificent sea animals. You’ll surely be taking pictures throughout your entire visit, because the world of glittering scales, humongous tentacles, and razor sharp teeth is too beautiful not to take pictures of. But, a well known spot for an incredible photo is in their 360 degree ocean tunnel.
Strike a pose as unbelievable sea creatures swim around you so you can always look back and remember those fish friends you made in the heart of Orlando, and of course, to show off on your Instagram.

4. Universally recognized

Everyone loves a trip to Universal Orlando, and as you make your way across City Walk to the entrance of the park, you’ll see the Universal Globe, which fittingly, is known worldwide.
The globe sits just outside of the park, making it a perfect photo to snap before you enter Universal Studios, where you’ll without doubt be so engulfed by your favorite movie and tv show worlds, that you’ll most likely totally forget to snap more pics! Universal Studios is packed with interactive experiences, letting guests test themselves like never before; so strap in and don’t worry about not getting a good picture during your visit, because you’ll already have a picture with the well known Universal Globe to look back on.

5. The Sky Tower

If you’ve been to SeaWorld Orlando, ever, you have seen the huge 400 ft Sky Tower; it's been there since the beloved park opened back in 1974. Today, it adds a dose of retro-cool to your day's adventure, and serves as an additional family attraction at the park. That’s right. This awesome spot to snap a pic also doubles as a ride that lets you get a seabird eye view of Orlando during a leisurely capsule ride that lets you take a load off as you plot the rest of your day at SeaWord Orlando. Please note: The Sky Tower at SeaWorld Orlando is temporarily closed, but will reopen soon! But don’t worry, you can still snap a picture in front of this popular, photo worthy landmark!
Don’t have a spectacular Orlando vacation and then realize you didn’t capture any of those amazing moments to look back on. Tap into your inner photographer and snap pics at these 5 popular spots - and since we all love to see iconic pictures taken while in the City Beautiful, be sure to share yours on social media with the tag #LoveOrlando!