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Nah Dood! And Friends Comedy Night

IMPROV Comedy Theater & Restaurant
9101 International Drive
Suite 2310
Orlando, FL  32819
$15 | 21 & over
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Orlando Weekly's (nominated) Best Local Podcast, Auto Trader Magazine Best Local Podcast. Nah Dood Comedy Show : Is made up by the thoughts, opinions and the overall hilarious point of views of Pedro Lima, Kermit Gonzalez and Danny Davenport. Based out of Orlando Florida, these 3 personalities mesh to talk about everyday life, current events and a plethora of what ifsims. Pedro Lima: brings you his comedic perspective in a low key, sarcastic style. Pedro takes the audience on his overwhelming journey of marriage, kids, growing up Hispanic and anything that might pop into his head at that moments notice. Whether it’s a small crowd or a crowded theater, he is sure to leave the audience laughing and remembering the 6’4” Rican Gorilla. Pedro is an alumni of NBC's Stand up for Diversity, Toured internationally with the Big Men of Comedy and has open for the likes of Norm Macdonald, Gilbert Gottfried, Greg Giraldo (all dead) and Andrew Schulz , Big Jay Oakerson , Joe List, Roy Wood Jr and other still living comedians. Danny Davenport: Danny Davenport has no idea what's happening. A Central-Florida native, Danny's comedy revolves around the stupid people he's encountered, and the constant battle he wages (often unsuccessfully) against his own stupidity. Telling stories of being a husband, a father, and a person who struggles just existing... his down-to-earth style is sure to leave you laughing. Danny has opened for the likes of Bobby Kelly, Kurt Metzger, Tom Arnold and internationally renowened death metal band Goat Clit. Kermit Gonzalez :Kermit Gonzalez military brat from Orlando Florida brings you his comedic perspective and high energy cynical style. Kermit is the shortest of the 3 dudes that make up the very popular, Orlando's Best weekly nominated podcast, Nah Dood. But don't let his size fool you, he owns a karate school with his dad and could definitely get someone else to beat you up. His set features hilarious jokes relating to his culture and his size and the trials of being a newly-wed. Toured internationally and has open for comedians Joselito Da Puppet, Biscuit Da Sausage Giva, Brendan Schaub and Preacher Lawson.