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The Not Quite Famous Show

IMPROV Comedy Theater & Restaurant
9101 International Drive
Suite 2310
Orlando, FL  32819
21 & Over
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Craig Schaffer is a Jewish, Long Island, NY transplant now living in Orlando, FL and he's got issues with everything! Craig has been a writer, performer and producer for over 2 decades. His observations and rants on the ridiculousness of everyday life and the ridiculous struggles of accepting life in the south keep his fans coming back for more! You've seen Craig performing and producing shows at top clubs around the country.
Eric Grady is a nationally touring, American, stand-up comedian, and actor... AND the World's Tallest Comedian. At least, that's what Google says. Eric has been performing stand-up comedy since the mid 1990s. He has honed his act into a hilarious, physical, rapid-fire, smart, unforgettable comedy show that always leaves his audience wanting more.
Matt Hileman is from Dayton, Ohio and he REALLY wants you to know it. Comedians love Matt for his wildly intelligent writing. Audiences love him for his charm and hilarious delivery. Matt has been performing for over 2 decades and has shared the stage with favorites like Eddie Brill and Greg Warren.
Naresh Adurty has been entertaining audiences all over the country with his unique “East-meets-West” style of comedy. You may have seen him on HBO’s Sketch Pad or Lowdown with James Yon on Xfinity, or you may have caught him live sharing the stage with the likes of Dave Chapelle, Carlos Mencia, Ron White, Mitch Hedberg and Pablo Francisco. He is also the writer and director of the comedy feature film Melt On This which was selected for the NY Foreign Film Festival.
Brad Schutz is one of the youngest and brightest new comics in Orlando. A native of Buffalo, NY, Brad’s comedy journey started in Orlando, FL. His hometown stories and self-deprecating style makes him a favorite at every club in town.
Adam Snair was born and raised on Long Island and honed his craft performing at local comedy clubs before making the move to Orlando. Known for his quick wit and observational humor, he has since become a regular on the Florida comedy scene. Adam brings his unique perspective to audiences across the country. Whether riffing on the quirks of life in the Sunshine State or mining their Long Island roots for laughs, this comedian is always ready to bring the funny.