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Whindersson Nunes

Improv Comedy Theater & Restaurant
9101 International Drive
Suite 2310
Orlando, FL  32819
$37 | 21 & over
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There is no doubt that Whindersson Nunes is the major name in Brazilian humour and it couldn’t be any different when it’s about stand up. In “A Volta do que não foi” he is better than ever, telling, in the Whindersson way, his adventures around the world, language struggles and experiences with different cultures he got to know during his world tour that took him across 12 different countries. It's not an overstatement to say that "A Volta Do Que Não Foi" is the best show of Whinderssons career so far. Unlike anything we can imagine, this show is full of bits from Whinderssons everyday life, the things that he did when he was away from the stage and even the infamous ass surgery that he tells with a lot of hilarious details. Whindersson Nunes is a brazilian comedian, actor, singer and youtuber. He is in the movie theaters, on tv shows and commercials, on social media and, of course, on stage. Born in Bom Jesus do Piauí, he started making funny videos and parodies for his YouTube channel when he was 15 and earned a large amount of fans and followers in Brazil. In 2015, his enormous success led him on stage, presenting his first stand up special “Marmininu” and reaching over two hundred thousand people. His following show “Proparoxítona” achieved international reach with presentations in Portugal. In 2018, Whindersson debuted “Eita, casei!”, a show about his adult married life and all the funny stories about the wedding day. This show travelled through America, Europe, Asia and Africa and earned him a Netflix comedy special called "Adulto".