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Loud and Live Present Melendi: Likesy Cicatrices

Hard Rock Live
6050 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL  32819
(407) 351-5483
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No singer represents contemporary Spain in all its musical and cultural diversity more than Melendi, who blends Cuban rhythms and urban beats with flamenco, international pop-rock, and the music of his heart. He's also the country's most listened to Spanish artist, according to Spotify.
Born in Oviedo, Spain, in 1979, Ramón Melendi Espina dabbled in auto racing and soccer before joining the group El Bosque de Sherwood in 2001. Reggaeton met rumba and flamenco on the then-dreadlocked singer's 2003 debut album, ‘Sin Noticias de Holanda' (No News From Holland).
His career got a significant boost the following year, when national bicycle race Vuelta a España used "Con la Luna Llena" (With the Full Moon) as its official theme. In 2005, Melendi was awarded a total of seven platinum discs for ‘Sin Noticias' and its follow-up, ‘Que el Cielo Espere Sentao' (May Heaven Wait Sitting).
In 2006, Melendi appeared as Mr. Big, one of the stars of the popular video game ‘Gangs of London,' for which he composed the title song. He recorded "Me Gusta el Fútbol" (I Like Football) for a major advertising campaign the following year.
While Melendi's 2008 release ‘Curiosa la Cara de tu Padre' (Curious, Your Father's Face) marked the height of his poetic rumba rock, the title of his 2010 album ‘Volvamos a Empezar' (Let's Start Again) announced his turn toward a hard-charging rock en español that also exhibited his more sensitive singer-songwriter side.
After becoming a husband and father, Melendi displayed a newfound awareness and maturity on albums like ‘Lágrimas Desordenadas' (Messy Tears, 2012), ‘Un Alumno Más' (One More Student, 2014), and ‘Quitate las Gafas' (Take Off Your Glasses, 2016). The autobiographical title track of Melendi's 2017 album ‘Yo Me Veo Contigo' (I See Myself With You) found him affirming his love of life on this "surreal" planet. By the time he released ‘Ahora' (Now) in 2018, Melendi had evolved into a man for all seasons. Whether you come for his balladry or his hot Latin dance rhythms, Melendi's your man.