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Michael Colyar

IMPROV Comedy Theater & Restaurant
9101 International Drive
Suite 2310
Orlando, FL  32819
21 & Over | Special Engagement
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Comedian, Actor, Author, Motivational Speaker, Talk Show Host, Barbeque-ologist and Man of God… but I cuss. Born and raised in Chicago. South Side. Grew up in your typical broke family. Momma, Daddy and four big brothers. For years we lived in a one room apartment. Lived in the projects next, The Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago. 4352 South State Street Apt#909 From there we moved to a nicer neighborhood Morgan Park, where I went to Morgan Park High School and got into all the plays and caught that acting bug and the only vaccination for that is to do it. Acted for a while in Chicago then I took a job waiting tables because I like to eat on a regular basis. You can learn a lot being a Waiter. It taught me how to listen and how to serve and both of those traits pay me. Thank You,Jesus. Lol. I also served my Country as I was Military Police in the US ARmy So far I’ve been in over thirty films and tv shows. From Norbit and Hollywood Shuffle to House Party 3 and Holiday Heartbreak (My first starring role. YES,I carried it. “Southside”. ). Done about twenty sitcoms from The Bernie Mack show to”Martin”, to Blackish. I even act in animation. I killed it in The Princess and the Frog. Ask anybody. My bravest and most challenging role to date is my One Man Play “Michael Colyar’s Momma”. I get to play 17 Characters and when I get it right I can even make the audience cry….Some feat for a professional maker of mirth. Tony Award Winner Ben Vereem is helping me prepare it for Broadway. But my true claim to fame is my comedic accomplishments. Did the first Def Comedy Jams, Co-created Comic View, won Star Search for the $100,000 then donated half to the homeless…and gave it to ‘em,too Lol. Have played every Comedy Club of note and sold out clubs nationwide. I did Comedy on the Venice Beach BoardWalk for nine years, from 1986 to 1995 and the City of Venice celebrated me by putting my feet, hands and money grabbers in cement on the Beach. I just released my Comedy Album. On the cover is a picture of me sitting on the toilet and the name of the Album is Let me drop this on you. On all streaming platforms. I have written five and published three already. In November, a children’s book, “Little Bobby White” and my first book of erotic poetry called “In the Wet Spot” Blue Erotica by MC Butternuts. Finally, when on the road doing comedy gigs I sometimes have the privilege to go into school and motivate the children and for 14 years I would go to the prisons, mostly Terminal Island and I would take five comics with me and we would do a free comedy concert for the inmates. Hour and a half of awesome unknown comics and we did it free and as soon as they let us come back Back we shall come. Namaste.